Our Tech-model creates value for all stakeholders

Our 1Bridge Advisors (1BAs) deliver a multitude of products & services to the people of their village through the 1Bridge technology platform. It is a simple mobile-first, local language-supported and voice-search enabled solution which integrates product order placement, financial transactions and last mile delivery tracking. A few use cases are:

Digital Services

A village customer needs some cash. Instead of going to an ATM (the nearest of which is 12-15 kms away), the customer walks into a 1BA outlet – typically a kirana store. 1BA uses Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AePS) on the 1Bridge Advisor app to withdraw money from the customer’s bank account into the 1BA’s Closed wallet and the 1BA gives cash to the customer.

Assisted Commerce

A village consumer wants to buy an entry-level smartphone. This will entail a visit to the nearest town as these villages are not serviced by the e-commerce network. However, through the 1Bridge Advisor app, we facilitate an assisted commerce transaction where the customer can place an order with the 1BA, make the payment in cash and get the order delivered to their doorstep.

Last - Mile Delivery

The 1Bridge app also tracks a product delivery through the entire journey and provides constant updates on the location of the package. This enhances the consumer experience and enables the customer to exactly know when it will reach her.