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Strategic partnerships that deliver an experience that truly matters to the rural consumers, by enabling friction-free transactions effectively and efficiently, all on our technology platform !

  Lakh Crore

Rural National Income


Consumer durables market in Rural India

  Lakh Crores

Expected rural market size of FMCG Sector, 2025

Our Partners

We connect relevant products to the rural consumer by delivering an engaging consumer experience that creates stronger brand affinity. Our growing entrepreneur network helps our partners in deepening their reach and accessing hitherto under-served markets. High consumption capacity coupled with the vast dispersed geography of the rural market promises unlimited potential for our Partners.

How are we Useful


 Our Partners

Access to a new, large and fast growing market opportunity

1Bridge will enable your access to a new, large and fast growing market opportunity – the population strata.

Last mile Sales, Distribution and Support

Our value proposition to the consumers is ‘shopping at their doorstep’ addressing the current issues around last mile sales and distribution and will build trust.

Actionable Consumer Insights

1Bridge will provide you with actionable consumer insights that will enable you to target and provide the right product and service to the consumers.

Benefits for the Partners

Cost-effective shared network

Last-mile delivery

Payment/collections support

Improved customer experience

Partner Testimonials

The partnership saga unfolded