Rural India is a harbinger of growth, says 1Bridge’s Madan Padaki

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1Bridge: Closing the gap in rural retailing to reach Bharat

Ecommerce and other tech platforms are giving urban consumers more choice and convenience and better prices. But it’s the people in rural India, who need such services the most, and they have poor access. “If you go even 10km from district towns into the villages, access, choice and convenience are non-existent," says Madan Padaki, founder of 1Bridge, that takes a leaf out of Gandhi’s writing over a century ago to bridge this gap.

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Start-up Street: 1Bridge

Founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Madan Padaki, 1bridge is a social tech enterprise that focuses on rural India. It is an end-to-end commerce platform that provides last-mile products and services, delivered at the doorsteps of consumers in villages through an assisted commerce model. All this is fulfilled through a network of local entrepreneurs and partners. To learn more about the business, Startup Street spoke to the company's founder and CEO Madan Padaki.

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Unstoppable Stories: 1Bridge

Connecting rural India with E-commerce was never going to be easy, but Madan Padaki found a way.

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Mahindra teams up with 1Bridge for last-mile delivery

Mahindra Logistics has teamed up with Bengaluru-based social enterprise and largest village commerce network, 1Bridge, for last-mile delivery in the rural parts of the country. Mahindra Logistics has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with 1Bridge to this effect, the company said on Wednesd…

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