Rural Consumers,
a force to reckon with!

We understand the rising aspirations of rural Indians where the people – as citizens, producers and consumers are demanding their rightful share of the sun. “Understand us as empowered & engaged citizens and not as fringe voices. Give us Products & Services that are designed for us, not stripped-down formats. Blow us away with superior Consumer Experiences, not lukewarm engagement. Integrate us socio-economically, and not just peddle inclusivity”



Annual Household Consumption


Rural Consumers


Middle Income Households

How can Rural Consumers be served to their

Full Potential?

Need recognition

Deepen the understanding of rural consumers and shape the market by identifying and targeting the right consumers.


Differentiating themselves through service, by offering exceptional after-sales service, such as repair and maintenance.


To make a value proposition, as a sustainable source of differentiation, beyond price, which can show results and benefits that a product delivers

How can Rural Consumers be served to their

Full Potential?

Lack of awareness

Customize the marketing mix by product and geography. Leverage non-traditional media and explore mobile marketing to maximize impact.

Limited knowledge on purchase

Offer expert advice and differentiated service and enhance the offline and online shopping experience


Identify and engage the most relevant influencers for the consumer segments you have targeted, to strengthen trust and win loyalty.

How 1Bridge helps the Rural Consumer

We strive to serve are customers in the best way possible and provide them the following benefits.

Ease of transacting
with trust
Convenience of
doorstep delivery

Consumer Stories and Testimonials

Here is what our consumers have to say about us

Bhagyamma, 30
Ashik Patel, 23
Baramappa L Saptsagar, 45