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Bringing Prosperity & Abundance to Rural India

A village commerce network for products & digital services that bridges access, choice and convenience gaps for rural consumers, a shared sales, financing and delivery network for our corporate partners – enabled through a network of village entrepreneurs operating our assisted commerce tech platform

Untapped Rural India

of India’s Population lives in villages
in villages between 2K-10K population
in villages under 2K population

The rural population in India presents a $50 billion opportunity – driven by their aspirations to improve their lives, but constrained by limited information, mobility, digital literacy and lack of trust.


Did you know that 95%+ of village consumers travel 5-10km spending upto 2 hours to withdraw cash from an ATM?


Did you know that the village kirana store accounts for < 5% of the spend in the village, as consumers look for a wider range of choices at Taluk/District-level stores?


Did you know that 80% of village consumers travel 2-5km , spending over 1 hour, to pay their electricity bills?

Reports and Press Releases

Unlocking Digital

For Bharat


EY Report

Rural e-commerce the untapped potential


UPI Penetration

1Bridge Press Release


1Bridge PRESS RELEASE 12 Sept 2023

1Bridge raises another funding round, acquires ONDC-ready technology stack; accelerates scale up of its digital district commerce model


The 4 T's of our Solution

TRUST Connected


1Bridge Advisors

We form a network of trusted village entrepreneurs who earn additional income by delivering to village consumers.



Transactions Fullfilled

Enabling a variety of transactions in the districts and villages – from product to digital payments/collections



Active Users

Assisted commerce App that makes it easy for 1BA to do their first transaction in less than 6 hours!

TRENDS Tracked


Consumers Served

Providing our partners access to information, insights and micro-market trends.

Our Network

An Asset-light Hub & Spoke model to cover the District

Our Current Presence

A live interactive map

Our Technology

Our Tech-model creates value for all stakeholders

Our Innovations

VR Mall

We deployed the 1Bridge VR App for our rural consumers to experience products much better in the 3D environment of a VR mall. Connected to an analytics backend, we can translate every gaze into actionable consumer insight at a village level! So the next time you want to test whether the consumer likes a green-color tractor or a red; or prefers the features of the engine over the steering wheel, you can actually get this insight straight from our VR app!

Trust Tree

Generating alternate credit scores is the holy grail for bringing credit access to unbanked in the villages. 1Bridge has created a blockchain based model of generating trust scored based on our transactions with the 1BA and 1BA’s transactions with his/her set of consumers. Our model generates a score for a particular transaction fulfilled – based on certain “trust” criteria and thereby creating a TrustTree that grows with every transaction.

Nano Credit

How do you convert handloans/small-ticket loans of Rs.100-300/- into a structure revenue model for our 1BAs and an ability to make specific offers to our rural consumers? 1Bridge Nano-credit model does exactly this – where an AI model recommends a loan to a particular consumer based on past behaviour, incentivizes the consumer to accept the loan and triggers additional revenue to our entrepreneur.


Reaching and improving the lives of the masses, one individual at a time


The story of a small village heading to a bright future! A couple of weeks ago, I spent a day …

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Thippeswamy(22), is a 1Bridge Advisor from the remote village of Malalakere, Davangere Taluk, Davangere District in Karnataka. Fending for himself …

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Naziya Begum is a housewife and has completed her PUC. She is now the epicentre of digital connectivity for Maladakal, …

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Our Partners

We connect relevant products to the rural consumer by delivering an engaging consumer experience that creates stronger brand affinity. Our growing entrepreneur network helps our partners in deepening their reach and accessing hitherto under-served markets. High consumption capacity coupled with the vast dispersed geography of the rural market promises unlimited potential for our Partners.

What we offer to

Our Partners

Access to a new, large and fast growing rural opportunity

We enable your products & services to be marketed & orders to be originated through our village-level 1BA network

Last mile Delivery & Distribution

We deliver your products & services right to the doorsteps of your customers, with committed SLA and better consumer experience

Actionable Consumer Insights

We provide you with actionable consumer insights that will enable you to target the right customers and deliver better products & services

In the Media

1Bridge: Closing the gap in rural retailing to reach Bharat

Ecommerce and other tech platforms are giving urban consumers more choice and convenience and better prices. But it’s the people in rural India, who need such services the most, and they have poor access. “If you go even 10km from district towns into the villages, access, choice and convenience are non-existent," says Madan Padaki, founder of 1Bridge, that takes a leaf out of Gandhi’s writing over a century ago to bridge this gap.

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Start-up Street: 1Bridge

Founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Madan Padaki, 1bridge is a social tech enterprise that focuses on rural India. It is an end-to-end commerce platform that provides last-mile products and services, delivered at the doorsteps of consumers in villages through an assisted commerce model. All this is fulfilled through a network of local entrepreneurs and partners. To learn more about the business, Startup Street spoke to the company's founder and CEO Madan Padaki.

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Unstoppable Stories: 1Bridge

Connecting rural India with E-commerce was never going to be easy, but Madan Padaki found a way.

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Delivering a superlative & comprehensive consumer experience for the rural customers, right at their doorsteps!

Ashik Patel
Baramappa L Saptsagar

Our Entrepreneurs

We provide additional income-generating opportunities in their own villages by equipping them to be digitally savvy and enable them to be valuable advisors to their village communities!

Onkar Deshpande
Manohar Ghodke

Our Team

Our team brings a potent mix of strategy, technology, operations and business development experience

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